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The Denon AVR-1909 is a 7.1 channel A/V receiver released as part of the 2008/09 lineup of Denon receivers. It is in the upper-middle of the lineup, and is the least expensive receiver in the lineup to feature 1080p upscaling and high-definition audio decoding.

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No speaker Sound when using Optical Digital cable or Iinfra red cable

I am not able to hear no sound coming from the speakers when I use the optical cable or infrared cable that comes from the television to the Denon AVR 1909 the speakers work when using tuner, so I know the speakers sound is good. When I use the optical digital cable coming from my Samsung QDL television I’m not able to get none of the speakers to work help please help me

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I think it's just an encoding incompatibility issue and not that something is broken. You're using the encoded output from one of the newest TV's into the input of an older Denron receiver. There's a couple of ways to get around this. You can either fork out for a converter unit that handles the TV encoding and outputs into something basic, or you can use other cables and inputs, like HDMI or digital coaxial or even good old analogue. The HDMI might also be incompatible, but you can run it through a cheaper splitter that can deal with the encoding format of your TV. I'd use cheap RCA cable just to prove a point first.

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