No backlight, potentially shorted capacitor.

I have a MacBook pro 13 inch a1502 with no backlight. After following an online tutorial, the capacitors that are connected to the backlight are all reading 0, or close to 0 when the computer is on.

The tutorials I watched jut replaced the capacitors but didn't specify where they got them, what type, or anything similar.

I do have access to a dead board from an a1502 with a different serial number (the capacitors are in a different place) could I take those capacitors and put them on my existing board? They are the same size and dimensions and seem to be from the same time.

Note: when hooking up to an external monitor, I am not getting anything. However I can see the login screen and mouse when using a flashlight behind the apple logo.

Edit: I am now getting video when connected to external monitor, unsure what caused the problem before. Still no backlight

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If you close the lid the external should respond. Or you may have additional problems.

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I now have access to external monitor, I’m sure why it didn’t work before. Updated my original issue. Still no backlight, I am leaning towards a LCD cable issue instead of capacitor.

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@kolemanpa - Check the logic board connector and display cable for corrosion. More often that’s the root issue and you likely have a blown fuse.

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