Model M8541 / 5 or 10 GB hard drive / scroll wheel physically turns

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Upgrading harddrive on 1st gen 5gb iPod.

Can anyone tell what is the Largest Capacity hard drive that can be fitted to a 1st Gen 5gb iPod?

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Can you convert 1st Gen Classic to a flash drive?


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You'll need to use a single platter drive (despite the size :) ) which are denoted by Toshiba by the GAL or MAL suffix. I just dropped a 20GB drive (either MK2004GAL or MK2006GAL) in mine and it works like a charm. To my knowledge the largest drive easily available (ie eBay) is the 40GB MK4007GAL. You can also get a 30GB one - MK3006GAL.

Well worth it - the first gen is my favorite, although closely followed by the third gen (the original iPod touch!), and it's great to be able to continue to use it with a reasonable hard drive size.

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It appears the 4th generation hard drives aren't compatible with the 1 and 2 gens. The 3rd gens drives are compatible and the largest is 20GB.

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You restore through iTunes. The ipod will not/cannot format the hard drive on its own.


Yeah I used iTunes. Problem is when I connect the 30GB drive and then connect the FW cable, the iPod makes the drive click repeatedly and iTunes does not see the iPod so I can't even restore it.

I'm using a Mac.


Benjy, any input on this? What OS did u use and from where/what drive did u get it?

Really want to increase the capacity on my 5GB


Sorry I missed your previous response!

If you put the 5GB back in does it work/connect to iTunes correctly? If so then my guess would be the problem is the 30GB drive.

It's been a while since it put the 20GB in mine but I did just recently restore a Windows formatted, not updated 2nd gen iPod to the updated iPod OS and Mac formatted with a current version of iTunes on El Capitan (firewire to thunderbolt adapter) so I don't think iTunes/OS version should be an issue.


This is a good resource:

I have never had a problem getting drives on eBay, but again, I haven't actually done this type of thing in several years. Do you have another iPod 1st-4th gen/Photo that you could test the hard drive in? That way you could rule out whether the hard drive is the issue.


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