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Una lavadora de Maytag con una tasa baja de satisfacción del cliente y una tasa alta de fallas.

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at the end it says OL

I recently replaced the water inlet valve on my maytag bravos and now every time I do a load of laundry in it at the end it says OL and the clothes are still very wet when it is done and I have to put it on drain and spin for the clothes to be spun out,I don't know if it has a reset button on it or if there is something else wrong..

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@angieknight1970 what is the exact model number for your Bravos?

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@angieknight1970 The OL code really just detects that the drum is difficult to move. This code can be indicative of a seizing drum bearing, mechanical issue that cause a jamming of the tub on one side of the washer and even a bad motor. I've had issues with worn stator spline which continuously caused the OL to come on. Replacing the rotor finally resolved this. Of course rule out all other things first.

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