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Modelo A1001 o A1025 / procesador 667, 800, 867 o 1.0 GHz G4

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How do I replace the internal speakers?

One of my internal speakers is distorting, how do I replace the internal speakers?

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Ok, I used the PC Card Cage giude and it worked perfectly! Thanks for the help.

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Glad you got the problem solved.

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Did you have to break the plastic to free the speakers? It seems like it's all glued together in there pretty hardcore.

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Here's a start on locating them:

I'm not finding a guide or parts listed anywhere but take a look at this guide through step 8: PowerBook G4 Titanium DVI Logic Board Replacement

At the bottom of the logic board next to the case you'll see two white connectors to the logic board. I believe those are to the speakers which should be able to just lift straight out. If you want, I'll see if I have one of these machines for parts and see if I can pull the speakers with ease.

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How can one remove the speakers? It seems like glued-together plastic hades.

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Okay, so I decided to tackle speaker replacement, as my NOS PowerBook G4 Titanium top case (ebay) had speakers that were apparently DOA. It was a little disheartening, but here's how I removed the speaker assemblies from both sides of the top case: First, I used a small pocket knife wedged slightly underneath the plastic casing of the speaker assembly and the titanium of the top case. I was careful to not try to force too much movement too quickly, as I didn't want to break the ~20-year-old plastic speaker assemblies (note that one portion of one speaker assembly *did* separate, but it was easy to just push it back together). Eventually, I was able to free the DOA speakers from the new top case and swap them with the old speakers from my replaced top case assembly. I was scared to try a heat gun or some sort of adhesive remover to soften the glue, as these Titanium PowerBook's had notoriously fragile finishing.

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@toniwonkanobi Hi Anthony, did you use Mayer's suggestion above (logic board replacement up to step 8)? I have some DOA speakers as well and this thread is about the only one I can find discussing speaker replacement. Do you have any photos of the removal process that worked for you? I have a partsbook (eBay) on the way to harvest some new speakers (along with some other parts). I would appreciate any further tips or photos of the speaker replacement you might have. Thank you!

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