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The third-generation Ram was unveiled on February 7, 2001 at the 2001 Chicago Auto Show. This was a major update including an all new frame, suspension, powertrains, interiors, and sheet metal.

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Error Code#1- P 0642 #2 - P 2 122 # 3-P 16 18

Mechanic   changes TB . and was told problem is resolved . .no next day same thing happened . he said is nothing I can do and go to other shop maybe can fix . 3 days ago I was for 4 hours in Canadian tire . they did fully inspection and change crank position sensor   and nothing different . Dodge Dealer Said Unknown days or hours need to find the issu and charge $ 175 + tax . maybe 10 hours or more Is any one can help please

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I forget to say Lighting Bolt Light coming on same time and that is why they said Change TB but no r

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P0642 points to ecm/pcm and/or 5v fault. P2122 points to throttle position sensor/throttle body and/or accelerator position fault. P1618 points to 5v sensor voltage varying too much, from the ecm/pcm. Most sensors in EFI systems use 5v. This may be difficult to diagnose and requires an expert in EFI systems familiar with advanced electronics. 5v is distributed everywhere and any one part or wiring may be shorting 5v creating false error codes for average mechanics to chase a problem with parts replacement instead of troubleshooting using advanced techniques like measuring for 5v or lack of.

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Thank you for your opinion. But who can find this problem? Car electrician or mechanic with special knowledge? Until today, I have searched and studied all the websites myself, and four mechanics have scanned and searched with their eyes, maybe a wire has been cut. I still don't know why when the engine warms up

The problem begins. The first time it happened, I was on a hunting trip when it turned off in the forest. The distance was about 600 km from my hometown and on the highway that goes at a high speed and straight. Maybe it happened once at the same time that he turned it off, in case there is any information. It helps a lot, thank you

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Experts in electronic fuel injection systems are like gold; they're around but it requires some knowledge to find gold or experts. I'm a diyer and used Google to define error codes along with some knowledge of EFI systems to determine which way to go. Dealers and repair shops should have expertise but you haven't found one yet according to your comments. Unfortunately, many are "replacement artists"; guessing by replacing parts hoping it fixes a problem. All refuse to return your money when guessing doesn't fix the problem. One repair shop in upstate New York shares his expertise freely on YouTube; a recent problem supposedly fixed by a Ford dealer for around $1200 didn't correct the problem. This repair shop found a severely corroded engine ground strap causing all kinds of electrical problems. Replacing it with a custom made heavy duty engine ground eliminated every problem. The Ford owner shared this info to the dealer. Once revealed on YouTube, the dealer refunded all money, possibly due to embarrassment

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