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La más pequeña de los ordenadores portátiles MacBook Air de Apple con micrófonos duales y conectividad Wi-Fi 802.11ac.

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Tips to remove MacBook Air A1495 hinge plastic?

I tried to remove the hinge plastic on my A1495, so I can tighten the screws under the plastic, but with my metal pliers it would not want to come off when I tried prying from the left. Eventually, after using enough force, it just cracked from about 1/6th the way in (as shown in the picture below)

Block Image

I am unsure what I did wrong, it just would not move after a certain point, and the very few tutorials showing this didn't show what to try if that happens.

Thankfully, no actual hardware was yet broken so I can just buy a new hinge plastic from eBay.

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Apple loves making this harder then they need to be to make the system repairable! So we often need to take other things off to get to the part, which is the case here! Here’s the guide to take the display off MacBook Air 11" Mid 2013 Display Assembly Replacement

Now with the display in front of you it’s now possible to slide the clutch cover off sliding it slightly to the side so the catches clear into the slots, then pulling downwards.

Maybe it would help getting the replacement to see things MacBook Air 11" Clutch Cover (13-15)

But… I think you damaged the antenna unit as well here MacBook Air 11" Hinge - Left/w iSight Cable & Antenna

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I had tried removing the whole panel earlier (which some tutorials say is not required) but it made no difference. It wouldn't slide neither

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@piipperi - I would get the needed parts as once you have it you can see clearly how this Chinese torture puzzle works 🤬

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My point is I dont want to break the whole display. I have already ordered the part. I'm afraid if I brute force it I'll destroy the display cables

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@piipperi - I’ve done quite a few both Airs & Pro’s and they can be tough! Some repairs I’ve had to use a knife as someone glued it on!

All I use if not glued, is a rubber grip to grasp the edge, not too tightly as the pressure will tighten its grip to the lip, I also push inward a bit.

Now you can see it’s a bit of a Chinese torture puzzle as it’s a bit of balance of pressure so it’s doesn’t bind

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@danj ok I see, so just kinda brute force it.

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