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El Xbox original es el primer sistema de videojuegos de Microsoft. Tiene una carcasa negra fácilmente identificable con 'XBOX' blasonado en la parte superior y frontal. La reparación es fácil con herramientas comunes.

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How to fix disc jam?

The system loads games completely fine, played Kotor and Conker not too long ago. But every time I open the tray, the disc is stuck inside the reader while the tray still opens. I then have to fish out my disks with tape and I really don't wanna do that with my more expensive part of my collection. Any assistance in the matter would be appreciated

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@gntlmnpltyps920 Have you opened up the Xbox yet, to inspect it?

I’d start by opening it up, then inspect the piece that holds the disc down (it’s a part of the drive, mounted across the disc tray). It almost sounds like there’s something there that sticks the disc(s) to the holder. I haven’t opened an original Xbox in a very, very long time, but the clamp could have some rubber (in order to protect the discs), and rubber like that (the same way drive belts can be this way) turns sticky and need removal and replacing.

I actually have an original Xbox lying around, so I’ll be inspecting that to remind myself.

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The gears on the disk reader might be wonkey

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