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Información y guías de reparación del iPhone 8 que salió a la venta el 22 de septiembre de 2017. Modelo: A1863, A1905

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Sometimes Vibration not working on my iPhone 8

Sometimes the vibration works and sometimes it goes away. Most of the time it doesn’t work..but my home button feedback works fine. If I replace my Taptic Engine will the problem be resolved?

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Does it seem to vibrate more weakly? Or it just doesn’t vibrate at all. Is there any particular function that isn’t working? Maybe it seems random, but it’s actually a specific setting.

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@flannelist doesn’t vibrate at all

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Hi Joha,

By any chance has the taptic engine been replaced previously in your phone?

I have seen reports that the taptic engine on at least some iPhone 7 & 8 models are serialized to the motherboard and replacing it will reduce its functionality down to a bare minimum - similar to what you're seeing now. In those cases a device programmer is needed to read the data out of the old taptic engine and copy it to the new one.

It's not something I've encountered personally, but one of the repair techs who occasionally contributes here says he has. Here's a Reddit thread discussing the issue.

Is iphone 8 taptic engine paired? : mobilerepair

And a question that was answered here on iFixit.

SOLVED: iPhone 8 Taptic Engine replacement only vibrates with home button - iPhone 8 - iFixit

Due to the increasing number of parts that are serialized to the motherboard, I just recently purchased a QianLi iCopy programmer that can do the copying, but haven't had occasion to use it yet. Apparently you can also read the data straight out of the phone as well, meaning you can program the new one even without the original.

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I bought it secondhand. I don’t know if it was changed before or not. So how can i fix it? Also if the problem is serial number then why does my home button doesn’t cause any problem?

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@Joha Bhai The taptic engine has its own copy of the serial number independent of the home button. It can be reprogrammed by reading the serial number from the phone itself then programming it into the taptic engine.

The serial number in the taptic engine is different from the paired number in the home button. In the taptic engine it can simply be copied over, but the home button's number has to be generated with an encryption algorithm that only Apple has access to.

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@dadibrokeit Not to put a damper on your theory, but my iPhone repair experience started doing Authorized repair. There are a lot of parts Apple serializes and pairs to the phone. Taptic engine is not one of them.

I have seen people mention programmers for these but I have never looked into it because I just dismissed it as bunk since I know Apple doesn't use their own software to pair them. Doesn't mean there isn't some legitimacy to third party programming.

But if it was second hand, I would be more likely to suspect the dock flex cable if it's a hardware issue. Or the power/volume/ringer toggle flex cable.

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@flannelist Thanks for your input, Alisha. I was never concerned about the taptic engine being serialized myself, but I do have to wonder about some of these posts that claim copying the serial data to the new engine fixed their issue.

One of the other regular contributors here took a bit of umbrage when I asked where he had gotten the information about them being serialized; I had to explain that I wasn't questioning his knowledge, but rather that I was curious about how he had come by it. His response was basically, "'Cause I'm a technician and I do this all the time."

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Since I now am the proud owner of an iCopy programmer, obviously my own inclination would be to try copying the serial data first. I do find it curious that the iCopy has connectors specifically made for taptic engines, which would tend to support the theory that there's data in them; if not, those connectors wouldn't be there in the first place.

Anyway, in the absence of a programmer, I'd try to replace the taptic engine first, then the lightning connector and finally the power and volume cable. In case it still doesn't work, then it might be time to either buy a programmer or find someone who has one that's willing to help out.

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