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Anunciada en octubre de 2013, la Nikon D5300 es una DSLR de nivel de entrada superior con un sensor de tamaño DX de 24Mp.

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I was cleaning my camera and accidentally scratched it

I accidentally scratched the white part above the mirror. Can this be replaced? If so, what is that part called? Thanks in advance.

Update (10/31/2022)

This should help explain…

Block Image

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Can you add pictures to your post?

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Yes of course, please see as requested.

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The image area you are pointing to is the fresnel focusing screen when you look into the eyepiece this is the surface you are looking at. One side is frosted and the other has the fresnel surface which bends the light to offer a better image onto the frosted side.

I’m not sure how easy it is to replace in this model, sometimes there is a latch or screw which holds it in place from below, otherwise you need to get to it from the top removing quite a lot of the electronics and the prism unit to get to it.

Unless the scratch bothers you it maybe best to leave it alone. Otherwise, you’ll need to find some with good camera repair skills locally or ship it to Nikon to fix.

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Thank you! I got a quote for this to be fixed using your knowledge of the part I was referring to. Thanks again!

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