Nvme enclosure and installed issues

Hello Guys, I purchased an Nvme enclosure and also a Nvme from Ifixt it for my 2015 Macbook pro and I cannot get it to read when I install it. I had the lastest OSX installed and booted into recovery and went to terminal and ran diskutil list and it did not see the Nvme. My macbook is a 2015 13" A1502 with EMC 2835
My macbook is also on OS 12.6 Monterey. I read the install info from Ifixit and that stated that drivers from High Sierra needed to be installed. So I used the recovery which installed Yosemite. I upgraded to El Capitan to Sierra then to High Sierra and I still cannot see this Nvme. This is my second enclosure from Ifixit and I also purchased 2 other cheaper Nvme's from Amazon.ca and I cannot see them either. I'm at a loss, anyone have any ideas?

Thanks Winston

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Double check your running OS on your system. Often times when people use internet recovery they assume they get the current/highest version the system can run but as you notes you got Yosemite! Which doesn’t’ support the newer APFS file system or offer the newer device driver for NVMe drives need.

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Hi Dan

Thanks for the info what I did was go back to Yosemite and then install all the OS's and updates to get past HIgh Seirra so I should of picked up the needed bios drivers needed to see the external drives by now. I'm wondering if this drive and enclosure are just not compatible with this computer.

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@winstontaylor - The enclosure is designed to support the Apple SSD not the OWC SSD.

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Okay thanks Dan

I will open the Macbook and put the new Nvme inside and see if it is detected by the macbook

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Thanks Dan

You sent me in the right direction, this has taken me over a month and a half to solve.

This is what I did

Put the internal Nvme in and Ifixit Enclosure

Put new Nvme in the computer

Boot Macbook from external drive

Open disk utilities

Find new internal drive and format it

Then restore from external drive

Thanks Again for your help with this issues Dan.

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