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Released 1993, identified by word TI-82 labeled on upper right corner of the screen.

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Glitched vertical lines on TI-82 Stats.

A few days ago, I dropped my TI-82 Stats calculator. At the same time, the batteries ran out, so I'm not quite sure which of them caused the problem. Anyways, when I had inserted new batteries, the screen had thick glitched vertical lines that obscure every other character. The "glitched" lines mostly look like a "ladder"-pattern, but there is a thicker line in the middle, what looks like noise to the far left, and there are some missing pixels here and there. It has looked like that since I pressed the graph button (or whatever it's called, I don't have the calculator here right now). Before that, it was an even thicker pattern. Does anyone know what the problem could be and how to fix it?

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This is usually one of two things

1)a dodgy screen connection,the screen connector on this calculator is soldered to the main board

this can be sometimes be fixed by resoldering the connections with a soldering iron

Here’s a guide on doing it

2) it could be that the screen is internally damaged ,if this is the case the screen will need replacing

The guide linked above has the disassembly guide in it

If you need a part you will probably need to get a donor calculator as these parts don’t seem to be readily available

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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My 9th grade Math teacher just gave me a TI-82 Calculator, when we opened the battery cover, the batteries were beyond corroded, we took them out, and took some donor batteries, put them in, and pressed the on button. And I get lines throughout the screen, so I took it apart, and couldn't find anything wrong with it. I don't know what is wrong.

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