Will Crank but not Start. Mechanic just changed battery and starter

My car is at the mechanics now. He replaced the starter and the battery. He has now mentioned it cranks but won't start. He received a code p1611. And mentioned I may need to get a new key for the ignition? I've had this car for 8 years and never an issue with the key. I'm not wanting to put a lot of money into it. As its just a back up car. What are other reasons for this issue? I feel as if my mechanic is not sure on this matter.

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Did you review the sidebar questions? P1611 may be a security error triggered from a damaged igniton key transponder chip (rfid chip similar to dog and cat implanted chips to register pets if they're lost and read by a vet with a scanner). Repair shops may not be completely familiar with every manufacturer's antitheft system. After several failed attempts to start, the security system may be reset after battery disconnect of 30 minutes and a spare key tried otherwise dealer services or mobile tech with scantool and programming capability are needed to reprogram keys to unlock system security.



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