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The LG EnV Touch VX11000 is a cell phone released on June 5, 2009 for the cell service carrier Verizon. It succeeds the LG Voyager VX10000, and it comes with a flip design, black case, and CDMA technology.

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Replacing Touch Screen Help

The touch screen on my EnV Touch is cracked. Don't know how it happenned though. The picture on the left half of the screen pretty much is gone, but the touch part still works. My question is, what do i need to replace? The digitizer or the screen itself?

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If your touch still responds on the area that you can't see, or is distorted, I would just replace the LCD. The LCD is available at places like this. Check this video for the How-to. hope this helps, good luck.

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This video is pretty good but does not answer the real question. The original question was the TOUCH screen replacement which is NOT shown in this video. This video is very good to watch so you can take your VX11000 apart and replace your LCD screen but doesn't show how to take out the TOUCH screen and replace it.


A better video is at or search for 'LG VU Touch Screen Replacement Part 1'

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