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Replacing Ceiling Fan That Has Separate Light Fixture

I have a Hampton Bay fan on my porch, as well as a separate light fixture. They are both controlled by a Hampton Bay remote, and are both wired to the same wall switch.

My light works well, but the fan's rotation is way too slow and a new capacitor didn't fix it. The fan is old and not the style I want, so I'm prepared to replace it.

Is there anything I need to consider about replacing the fan, knowing that I still want the light to be controlled via remote? I'm worried that if I replace the current fan with a new one, I won't be able to control the light anymore.

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Hi Kenny,

I would think your best shot at this would be to buy a Hampton Bay brand fan as a replacement. There are two ways I see this working for you.

  1. The new fan has DIP switches that can be set to match the frequency of the old remote, which you could hopefully keep using.
  2. You could keep the existing wireless receiver and install the new fan with it, in which case you can be confident the new fan will still work with the remote you already have. In this case you could probably get away with buying any brand of fan you want.

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Thank you so much! I’ll give that a try.

- de

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Mi ventilador no funciona con el control

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