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El Xiaomi Redmi 9C es un teléfono inteligente económico de Xiaomi lanzado en junio de 2020. Tiene una pantalla LCD IPS de 6.53", una cámara principal de 13 MP, una batería de 5000 mAh y funciona con un Helio G35.

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The screen of my phone separate to its body and difficult to touch

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The screen of my phone separate to its body and difficult to pressed. Any suggestions without buying a new one?

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First thing to do is to check the battery for swelling. One of the major causes of screen separation is when the battery swells up and pushes the display out of its frame. If the battery is swollen you'll need to take care of that immediately by replacing it before you worry about the screen. Beside the safety issues of a swollen battery, the display won't go back on (at least not permanently) with a battery in that condition.

Once we know your battery is okay, then we can address your screen, okay?

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Hey it would have been nice if you could have explained to fix this is one of the only places I could find that would solve my issue and I looked to you to do that and you left everyone hanging that comes to this

- de

@princeton31774 What exactly is it you're complaining about? That I didn't explain how to, what, change the battery? Change the screen? If you read the last line of my answer, I asked the poster to check their battery and let us know its condition. They never responded, so how can I know how to fix their issue?

You're more than welcome to ask your own question and given enough information we can probably come up with an answer for you, but complaining that I didn't finish someone else's answer doesn't help anyone.

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