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LG has 1/2picture, but has sound and backlight

55UK6500LLA so should be a 2019 or 2018 model.

I have unplugged right side and turned on the tv. A bit of a color difference was visible between left and right at the beginning (darker and lighter black). After a few seconds the left side turned white.

Then I unplugged the left side and connected the right side. From the start on no difference in color was visible. Also no change after a few seconds.

So i guess the right side is broken.

Checked basically all the caps on the mainboard and on the board which is connected to the right side of the panel.

Also tried pressing buttons after the TV started. I noticed brightness differences over the screen. Dynamic dimming is working so the mainboard should also work.

I haven‘t checked the flat flex cable. Are they interchangeable between left and right? So can I use the left cable for right side?

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@wlhrtr yes, the cables should be interchangeable. Just don't connect the cables from the T-con board to opposite sides. They need to stay the same. Anyhow, for now I would check the cables

Update (09/30/2022)

See if my images correspond to your TV so I know we are looking at the same thing.

Block Image

. Not a lot of explanation but here is what LG says about issues with one side of the screen. The last image is what I am referring to.

Block Image

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Will try the left cable for the right side. An yeah, looked on the paths on the board, they are mirrored between both sides, won‘t connect left from mainboard to right of display or vise versa.

No, this model doesn‘t have an extra t-con, it is integrated into the mainboard. There is just a small board for each side with very few components on it. Can post a picture tomorrow.

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@wlhrtr sounds good and yes, you do want to replace the main board because otherwise.....only one more option. We'll see when we get there :-)

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Sorry for the delay. Now checked if the flat flex cable is the problem. Nope, same issue with switched cables.

I cannot find a board for my TV online and I more and more think the panel is the issue...

Edit: And yes, the images you updated are from the same (or a similar) model.

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@wlhrtr it does sound like a bad panel. Again you can try to get a board and it might just fix it. If boards like your main board are hard to find, it is usually a pretty good indication that there are issues with the boards and they just stopped circulating them. Keep on trying is the best advice I have for that.

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