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Cameras not working after screen cracked.


Yesterday I accidentally crushed (with my car’s door) the upper right corner of my iPhone. The glass cracked badly but image and touch are working as nothing happend. Later I realized front and rear cameras and flashlight are not working.

Before I pull the trigger, is there a way to be 100% sure that also the cameras broke? I opened the phone and reseated every connection, but I don’t want to buy the replacement cameras and screen just to realize something else is broken and the cameras are never working again.

Any tips would be appreciated.

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disconnect the front cam to see if rear cam works if it doesnt connect front cam and disconnect the rear to rule out if its a camera issue

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I just tried that and it’s the same as before, black screen when entering the camera app. Can’t take photos ( not even just black images)

How can it be possible to damage both cameras without Face ID being affected?

I don’t want to buy al replacement parts to just realize the logic board is also damaged 😔

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You’ve gave me hope. I’ll try replacing the rear camera first. Didn’t notice before but you can see a slight dent on the camera module. Fingers crossed it’s just that (other than the display)


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Unfortunately it is kind of hard to narrow down what the issue could be. I see a lot of times that when any of the cameras or flash quit working all three will stop working. Since the area that was smashed was where the back camera is, I would say it is safe to assume it it either your back camera or flash causing the problem. Though it could, of course, be a board issue, I would say the chances of that are slim. Also as long as the back on the phone is not damaged, most likely the flash will be fine as well. So, most likely you just have a broken back camera, and it needs to be replaced to fix the function front camera and the flash as well. Happy Fixing!

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