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iPhone 7 boot loop - Panic log says "Possible Issue Front Camera Flex"

My iPhone 7 is stuck in a boot loop, I managed to read its panic logs using iDevice Panic Log Analyzer, the possible issue found was "Front Camera Flex U3301/J4503"

Here you can find the panic log for reference

Do you think it's something repairable? Maybe changing the fron camera can help solve the problem?

iPhone's running iOS 15.6.1

Thanks a lot

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I had this issue a while ago with an iphone 7, never fixed it, but it also had an Audi IC issue.

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Hi Andrea,

My wife's 7 plus had the same problem a couple of years ago, and it did indeed turn out to be the front camera assembly.

You can test that on your phone by opening it up and unplugging the front camera. If it then proceeds to boot normally, all you have to do is order a new front camera and replace it and you'll be all set.

Here's the part you need, which you can order with all the tools required to do the repair if you want.

iPhone 7 Front Camera and Sensor Cable - iFixit Store

in order to test whether the front camera will solve the problem, follow this guide up to Step 14, then skip step 15 and complete steps 16 and 17. Stop there, reconnect the battery and fold the screen back over the top of the phone. Power it on and verify whether it boots or not.

iPhone 7 Front Camera and Sensor Cable Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

As I mentioned, this is what solved the problem for my wife's phone, and given that you've already found indications of problems with the front camera flex cable documented in the phone logs, I'm pretty confident this will fix you right up.

Good luck with your repair, and let us know how it goes!

Imagen de iPhone 7 Front Camera and Sensor Cable


iPhone 7 Front Camera and Sensor Cable


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Well, that's super interesting!

I'm surely gonna try to first unplug the camera and check if it works, it's an amazing idea!

Thank you so much!! :)

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Yep, that's exactly what I did. After much internet research on the subject, I found that the two most likely culprits were the battery and the front camera flex cable. I unplugged it, turned it on and it booted just fine.

So I left the camera unplugged and put it back together so she could use it while I waited for the part to come, and once it got here I swapped the camera out and bada-bing, bada-boom, the phone was back in business!

Keep us up to date on how it's going; your fix may help another user down the road when the same problem comes up again.

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Thanks a lot for helping, I really appreciate!!

What a wonderful community this is!!

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That is awesome, Andrea! I'm so glad we could help.

Congratulations on a successful repair!

And @flannelist, you're amazing. :)

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Almost certainly repairable. iPhone 7 in particular is just boot loop happy. It has a reputation for boot looping at everything. But I agree. Front facing camera cable is a fair bet based on your kernel panic.

Just for some context. This panic log is indicating there is an issue on the i2c2 "channel." I2c (or i2c more properly) is an electronics communication protocol. It allows for communication between a Master chip and a bunch of "Underlings." The Master chip may have several groups of subservient chips it's trying to manage, denoted in this case by the different number. i2c2 is just a way of the second i2c group. So the CPU (likely, that's often the master chip in an iPhone) is checking its ability to communicate, but it is not able to.

If you continue reading, the phrase "for device als" appears in the second line of the panic. The ALS is the Ambient Light Sensor. Which is located on the same cable assemble as the front facing camera. So that's where I would start.

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Great information, @flannelist! I didn't know about the panic logs when I was fixing my wife's iPhone (I use Android myself), but thanks to you I'll be checking them in the future when I have odd problems.

And since everyone else in the family has an iPhone (eight all total, all different models), I end up doing a lot of iPhone repairs.

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@dadibrokeit I'm always glad to be of help! I credit Apple with alerting me to their existence, but cannot say the same for reading them which is mostly a self taught thing. I can't tell you how many weird developer pages and stuff I end up on at times looking for what all Apple's abbreviations mean.

Really they are a super underrated tool for diagnosis. And a lot of people use the panic analyzer for info. Which is good, I am super glad that exists. But I am all for learning the whys behind everything if you can.

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Thanks a lot for helping and also for sharing these infos, not only the phone now works, but you helped me understanding why it didn’t in the first place, so thank you!

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@anscia Awesome! Glad you're up and running again!

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