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La séptima versión del iPod Touch de Apple, lanzado en mayo de 2019. Este modelo viene con un almacenamiento opcional de 256 GB y un procesador A10. Numero de modelo A2178.

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iPod Touch 7TH GEN Charger

What is the best and recommended way to charge iPod Touch? Will the battery life/health get affected if I charge with 5W charger of SE 1st Gen?

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Iv never had any issues using chargers with a MFI certification

This certification means that apple has approved these chargers and they won’t harm you device

Chargers without this certification car damage your device internally

So if you use a apple charger or one with a mfi certification you shouldn’t have any issues

But if it’s your battery’s health you are worried about you can’t do some things to keep it good for longer such as

Not letting it overheat or turning on optimise battery charging if your device has the option and don’t let it sit in things like hot cars

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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I always used the 5W Apple Charging Brick with my iPod and never had any issue. That is a relatively slow charge and shouldn't affect the battery health. The iPod, like most other electronics have circuitry in place to decrease the power consumption as the battery charges, to help mitigate battery health degradation.

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