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Convert incandescent bulb to LED

I will be as brief as possible. I use a mobility scooter, EWheels EW10. I only have 190 miles on the scooter. I have replaced the incandescent headlight twice. I would like to replace it with an LED. The current bulb is a bayonet type base(similar to the 1157 tail/brake light) with two filaments for high and low beam. The bulb is 12 volts, 35 watts. It is not much bigger than the 1157. It is a fairly large job to get to the bulb to replace it.

Can you give me a direction to go on?

Thank you

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That's a hard question to answer, Dave, without knowing the bulb type. Of course it's always possible there's an LED replacement available, but we'll have to know what it takes first. I looked around and had zero luck finding out what bulb fits your scooter.

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@rallyred it really is just a matter of identifying your lamp socket and then checking places like Aliexpress etc. for something that might "just fit".

Since you already replaced the lamps any chance you have a socket number on an old package etc.?(common type would be a Ba20D socket). If so, you can get bulbs on Amazon etc. as well

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You nailed it thank you. The link that you sent me has exactly the bulb that I need. And I was wrong about the knobs on the base they aren’t staggered they are the same height but they are different sizes so that it gets inserted properly. The link that you sent me that’s the bulb that I needed I have it ordered thank you very much sir I much appreciate!

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I have same scooter and my headlight is burned out too! How do you get to the bulb to replace it? I can't find anything about how to do it...

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I faced the same issue a few years ago as my brake lights kept burning out (a problem living in the city) I replaced both two LED best move, you should have no problems doing it.

Here's one possible source SuperBrightLEDs

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