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IBM SystemX 3550 M4 Motherboard P/N:010173Y00-000-G FRU: 00J6192

Hi, I am looking for guide to test component VT261WF that is commented about this problem by IBM/Lenovo. IBM/Lenovo How´s To . This problem fried this component and I need to test and repair.

Block Image

Block Image

Thank´s so much.

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@rpotalara that is a VT261 WF voltage regulator and here is the datasheet VT261 Datasheet. That should help you with the troubleshooting of the IC.

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Which exactly ?

As I see there are several ICs from several manufacturers:









Possible Manufacturer:



Maxim Integrated Products;

Thank You so much for DETAILED suggestion!

- de

@sergeishab54150 Your snark is not appreciated here, Sergei. You're welcome to ask for help, but being nasty to someone who supplied what appears to have been a satisfactory answer to someone else, not you, isn't going to get you a better answer.

The data sheet @oldturkey03 supplied covers the part as shown in the first picture of the original question, so it's not his problem if it doesn't cover yours.

I'd suggest you start your own question and post a picture of your chip if you want an answer specific to you.

- de

Dear Jerry!

I don’t know what happens to You today, but probably something wrong if in just list of ICs names You find something “snark”.

This is just technical reply on a technical problem: EACH other users who try to buy this voltage regulator, see the same “mess” of naming on AliExpress, eBay, hkinventory or any other electronic parts store.

So the goal of this list is “preparing people who need QUICKLY resolving this head pain “ to the fact that exist more then one modification of this IC from more than one manufacturer.

Are You see something wrong with this?

Just try to reading 3-4h a lot of posts about this problem, contacting to peoples who really has this problem, clarifying all facts and solution, then collecting names of chip…

A LOT of work!

- de

@sergeishab54150 Sergei, the snark in question is most likely the capitalization of "DETAILED". It's taken as sarcasm. How easy do you think it is, to answer some of these questions? You have been a member on here long enough to know that we are all volunteers. We have lives, families and fulltime jobs. The time we spend on here is our relaxation. I am sorry that the answer is not to your liking, or is not what you are looking for. Having spend a A LOT of work researching your concerns, let me clarify this for you. All of the VT261 share the same electrical characteristics. You included VT262AWF, VT261BWFQR-ADJ, VT261BWF, VT261ABWF/WF and VT260WFQ#-ADJ. Those are not the same as VT261WF. What changes with the identifier is the package etc. In my research it looks like VT261WF and VT261WFQX-ADJ are compatible. The OP was looking to "fried this component and I need to test and repair" which the datasheet should have been sufficient for. I do hope that this helps YOU to find the right IC like this one. If YOU need to purchase anywhere else, look for VT261WF only. I do wish you the best of luck with your repair. Answering questions to help others out is A LOT of work!

Repair is War on Entropy!

- de

I concur with oldturkey03, just use your multimeter, apply appropriate voltage for motherboard and test pins for 12v and correct ohm reading before and after component to see if working properly.

- de

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I purpose that root of problem are in

a) Lenovo making BAD design of main PCB and this voltage regulator overloaded all the time, and burning to death is just manner of time.

(Buying the same PCB of even whole server in most cases - not a solution, because again You return to situation when server probably die at any next day or after next shutdown/restart…)

b) Lenovo make good PCB design but choose NOT WELL QUALITY manufacturer to buy this regulator from it AND have NO SUCH TIME TO TESTS before production.

(M3 was a long stay on a market and Lenovo need quickly provide a more powerful model to keep stable positions on a server market against more other cheapest brands with more aggressive advertising);

c) Lenovo making BAD DESIGN of PCB (but voltage regulator are well designed and from manufacturer with excellent Quality Control) and in conjunction with UNDERDVELOPED FW this lead voltage regulator to die because of burn because of outputs overloading.

(this c) are just extended variant of a)


  • personal experience and research on www;
  • my personal contacts with service engineers who spend over 30 years with hundreds of thousands of enterprise servers and
  • fact that LENOVO MAKE 2-ND GENERATION OF THIS MAINBOARD (but only small repair services with experienced engineers and official servicemens know about this, but NDA) after this scandal with x3550/x3650 M4

lead me to choose c) as right decision.

(more You may read on Lenovo official forum by this link

So, there are only ONE WAY if You need a STABLE & PREDICTABLE work of Your server:


This way also eliminate Your lifetime (and also significantly decrease downtime of Your service, especially if it linked to government or financial org, and need to be online 24/7/365) to migrating and re-setup all software on a different Lenovo-manufactured server or other brand server (Dell, Fujitsu, MSI,…).


Need to note that most users that has experienced the same problem (and write about this on forums)

a) are geographically from EU or Asia;

b) their M4’s are in use around 1-2years;

But again, this is definitely NOT A PROBLEM OF CERTAIN GEOGRAPHICAL REGIONS (because FRU of main PCB are the same in US and Indonesia/Portugal, with all respect to all countries), this is just about Lenovo try to eliminate reputation damage due possible problems with FRESH model, when have no such time to polish electronic, physical design, firmware and software (like Director, etc…)

Logically, better receive the some reputation damage on LESS PROFITABLE markets, rather BIG REPUTATION DAMAGE on main (>80% sales are in US) market.

Nothing wrong with this, - normal practice for EACH COMPANY in tech industry nowadays.

The problem are in that the Lenovo was CONTINUE TO SELLING PROBLEM MODEL AFTER THOUSANDS OF USERS CONFIRM THE PROBLEM. (May be much more, because hundreds of big data centers have NDA about the cases like this and not disclosure all facts to not to loose contracts).

Even more: Lenovo not agree to giving free replace program for the old and this new customers, and propose only paying for serviceman coming an replace or selling new motherboard (sometime the same 1-ST PROBLEM GENERATION). ;(


Update (04/12/23)

Today I find the old (2015-2017 years messages date) russians electronic forum where the are VERY USEFUL info about diagnostic & resolving this case:


Use Google translate to read. VERY USEFUL INFO !

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