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Wi-Fi única variante de la quinta generación de iPad, lanzado en marzo de 2017. Disponible con opciones de almacenamiento de 32 y 128 GB con una pantalla Retina de 9,7 "y un procesador A9 de 64 bits.

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Can you remove the little circle around the home button?

picture So im repairing my iPad 5 rn and i saw this little plastic ring around my homebutton, i decided to remove it as its just a piece of rubber and plastic, but maybe it served a purpose? lol. Does anyone know if this is bad or can i continue?

Update (08/30/2022)

Block Image

This, teh left (rubber was first atteched to the back of the plastic one and surrounded the homebutton together.)

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Can you add a picture of the object?

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We can’t see the images as they are a comment

You need to add them to the original question

You need to edit the question then add them. :-)

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@hellomacos yep i noticed lol, i did it now!

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If you mean the gasket? Then you will likely need this. It helps to mount the button to the display and stabilize it. It also provides some very minimal protection against liquid entry.

Imagen de iPad 5/6/Air 2/mini 4 Home Button Gasket


iPad 5/6/Air 2/mini 4 Home Button Gasket


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From what the photos show that is a gasket

This isn’t necessarily needed but it helps keep dirt out

You could use some light adhesive on it or order a new one

But as I said your iPad should work without it but it’s recommended that it’s there

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask

Thanks :-)

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