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Announced March 10, 2021 Released April 26, 2021 Android 11, up-gradable to Android 12, ROG UI

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I dropped my phone

I dropped my phone and now mobile network and air triggers are not working. Can you please provide detailed steps and where can I get accessories to repair it?

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Same thing happened to me today.

Instead of bringing it to a repair shop I opened it up myself.

It was pretty simple to open the glass back and you can look for videos on youtube.

Apparently the drop was intense enough to loosen a ribbon cable on the bottom daughterboard.

I reconnected it and my sim card and air triggers work

I hope this helps!

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Thanks for your guidance . My mobile phone had this problem that was solved. Now the triggers are working as well as the SIM card

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Yeah maximum Rog 5 phones have the same problem of losing fingerprint,sim card disabled and air trigger are not supported by the phone......It's because of the shock after fall or immense's nothing to worry about you can just reconnect the ribbon cable by opening the back and reconnecting it......hope you face no more problem.

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Dropped my phone in water and it is not turning on

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Same issue happened with me too on night of 25 July 2023.

The phone fell from hand on the floor, at night only SIM1 was not working. (Previously too this happened to me that one of my SIM was not detecting but then my phone didn't fell there was some software issue. At that time i went to the Service Center and they fixed it for me by just resetting the Network and Internet.)

But the issue was not same this time. Although I tried resetting it but is didn't worked. (Only SIM1 Issue) So, I slept thinking will go tomorrow and get my phone fixed.

Woke up next day tried pressing the body thought there must be some loose connections/pins which will be settled. #BiggestMistake

Pins were not aligned and i got a satisfying clicking sound from my phone. Till then I didn't knew what happened with my phone and both SIM1 & SIM2 lost Connection. I thought #WTFish.

Later, went to service center they Analysed my phone status and asked me It will Cost me 18k to 22k as my phone was little bent and Back and front glass were detached from the body.(Although, that was not my concern. It didn't happened because my phone fell it happened way earlier.) They told me that first they will change the whole body and the address my issue(SIM1 & SIM2 not detecting issue) later.

I tried convincing them but they were rigid. So i came back.

By passing time i noticed several issues-

  • Bot SIM not detecting
  • Haptics Buzzing not Vibrating
  • Lower Speaker(Main Speaker) not working
  • Fingerprint not detecting
  • Air Trigger issues

So, One Day I tried opening my phone on my own and discovered the issue.

Found one connector (Charging port Flex Cable module)

Block Image

was pulled out and pins were bent.

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I will attach the Photographs.

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