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Anunciado el 13 de octubre de 2020, el iPhone 12 mini es una versión más pequeña del iPhone 12 de Apple. Cuenta con una pantalla OLED de 5,4 pulgadas, un procesador A14 Bionic y dos cámaras traseras.

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What adhesives need replaced when replacing the Rear Camera?

I'm researching how to replace the rear camera on my 12 mini. What adhesives do I need and are they necessary?

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Hi Jeremiah,

I haven't opened up a 12 mini myself, but I've done enough other models that I can speak with some experience.

After reviewing the rear camera guide, it looks pretty sure that the only adhesive you need is the iPhone 12 mini Display Assembly Adhesive. It looks like iFixit is out of stock at the moment, but it's readily available on eBay and Amazon.

From personal experience, I'd suggest getting a couple; it's all too easy to get them stuck in the wrong place and end up with an unusable tangle of sticky, then you end up having to wait while you reorder to finish the job. They're cheap; you can get two of them on eBay with four day deliver for about $4 USD.

As to your question of are they necessary, my answer would be, absolutely.

  1. If you end up tearing or tangling the adhesive while you're opening the screen, it won't be nearly as secure when you seal it back up, if it's usable at all.
  2. While you may not get back the original quality of the waterproofing that the phone came with, using new adhesive will get you as close as is possible with regard to keeping water out of your phone.
Imagen de iPhone 12 mini Display Assembly Adhesive


iPhone 12 mini Display Assembly Adhesive


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Apple already provided everything you need to know.

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