My Unit will Heat but Not Cool!

Help! Bought in 2015 and has worked well. Let it sit for a few months while moving.

Deep cleaned it twice.

No leakage.

Now it heats (very well) but will not cool. I only use it to cool. Any suggestions?

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Tried reviewing previously asked questions in the box on the right? One answer was a faulty fan.

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I'm not receiving any kind of an error code though. Any suggestions?

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Being electronic, diagnosing/troubleshooting/repair requires more than casual knowledge of electronics.

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My daughter is an electrician ... would that be helpful? If I could tell her where the problem is.

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If she has electrical, electronic and mechanical skills then she may be able to figure out what's wrong. In the meantime, gather any info from owner's and service manuals as well as any YouTube videos of service/repair info. The more info you find the better.

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