MacBook Pro 15 2018: Artefacts and glitches on lid(Screen) movement.

I have a MacBook pro 2018 15 inch 16gb 256gb variant. I noticed a light color fade on moving(along the hinge lifting) the display on my MacBook around an year ago but everything seemed fine except for that. I did not do anything about it since apple repairs could be pretty costly. around 5 days ago another problem came up on moving the display like lifting the screen that the screen seemed to change color and looked more like an old negative picture reel. I got it inspected on a local shop and he told me that just the internal were very dirty with dust that was causing the issue and the problem is resolved. It worked just fine that day The next day I saw that the display[apple logo] didn't pop up on boot sometimes it did, sometimes it didn't while the keyboard lit up sound came and touch bar worked too. The display if came looked weird and sliced up. I again submitted it and this time to the authentic apple service center and the said they need to change the whole display panel. I am attaching pictures and videos of the boot. I think that the issue is of the ribbon display cable. Can anyone help me with this?

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Does it do this on a external display?

If it does it might be graphics related


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@hellomacos Hey! Thanks for replying. So i did format it and checked it with an external monitor. So firstly, the external monitor works just fine no glitches etc. Secondly, if i am mirroring my on board display with the external monitor there are glitches and artefacts on the on board screen not on the external display. I guess it pretty much tells us that there is some issue with the display hardware only and specifically with the display cable since the movement of the lid(on board screen) is affecting the colours and glitches i see on the screen.

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If it’s doing it on the built in display but not on a external monitor it most likely the display

Also have you tried turning off automatic graphics switching in the battery settings

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@hellomacos Hey! so i switched off automatic graphic switching and its permanently on radeon now. The flickering and artefacts are subsequently low now although the lid movement does cause some issue like weird colour every once in a while but i am actually able to work now earlier it was really difficult. Could you tell me how graphic switching and the lid movement were like together causing the issue since one is a software thing and the other is hardware? I really didn't get what happened here!?

Thank you:)

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Here’s a little explanation

So your Mac has 2 graphics chips, one intel and one Radeon

If your display is slightly damaged it will show things it shouldn’t

What your display is showing is the MacBook switching between the Radeon and the intel graphics really really fast whitch results in a flicker or for it to display incorrectly

The reason why it does this is because the intel graphics saves battery and the Radeon graphics gives a better images

My own MacBook Pro 15inch has this issue and I was able to resolve it by reseating the display connector and turning off automatic graphics switching:-)

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