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Released in 2012, this is a durable PC laptop for the everyday computer user. This model (NP540U3C-A01UB) features a 13" screen, a 500 GB hard drive, 4 GB RAM, a DVD multi-drive and is capable of running Windows 8.1.

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About to replace the RAM SO-DIMM, what is the special film over it?

Hi, I am going to upgrade this laptop's SO-DIMM module. Following the great guide for it, I found my device has some kind of special "film" over the old module. It is about 0.5mm thick or less, gray colored and seems to be metallic (magnets attract it). It is very damaged though and breaks easily (see picture).

Block Image

The user manual states: "For some models, a special film is attached onto the memory module to enhance the wireless LAN performance. When you replace the memory module, make sure that you do not remove the film". The picture in the user manual shows a different kind of film by the way...

Do you know if it is really important to keep it? Given its bad state it seems very difficult. I would like to buy a new one and put it just in case, but I don't know what it is called / how to shop for it. Can anyone give me advice for this? Thanks!

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This film is EMI/RFI protection. In this case it's preventing the RAM's noise from flooding the airspace with emissions which could interfere with either Bluetooth or WiFi radio signals.

Not sure why they used this method as most companies use a sprayed on ferris paint onto the plastic. The Iron particles held within the paint block some of the EMI but won't stop the RFI effectively. Here a copper foil would do better when it was also bonded to the metal chassis.

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Thanks a lot for the quick reply, and clear explanation! I have looked for copper foil but it always seems to have conductive adhesive... maybe I got it wrong or don't know how to look for it correctly (sorry, I'm new at this kind of things, and not English native), would that be dangerous for the RAM module? My old film seems non-conducting plastic on the other side, now that I look again...

Should I look for a copper foil but with some special adhesive, or an additional foil in between? I've also seen something like "20M/50M Conductive Fabric Cloth Adhesive Tape Roll Shield Repair EMI Multi-Width" (don't know if I it is OK to insert the seller links here), do you think that could be OK too?

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I would apply electricians tape across any exposed circuits that you don't want to short out by the Conductive Fabric or Copper Foil tape, you'll want to bond the either to the metal case.

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Thanks again! I will do so

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