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JBL Club One damaged USB-C Charging port. Repair possible?

Hi !

So the USB-C charging port on my JBL Club One headset is damaged. I have been trying to find repair shops or services that could help me repair it. I've originally tried contacting JBL Customer support but they said that they do not repair headsets.

I am unsure about what I can do to fix this. I have no experience when it comes to fixing devices, but it seems that there are no services that could help me fix this headset. I am thinking of maybe trying to do it on my own.

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if its just the usb port you want to replace ,you will need a got air rework station and a soldering iron

as for solder any type of low melt solder should be fine

also use a quality flux

usb ports are fairly easy but I recommend you practice soldering first of a dead board

also order more than one port as its better to have more than one just on case something goes wrong

however if your not feeling com indent I would send it to NorthRidgeFix as they fix just about anything

if you need any help at all just ask me

hopefully this helps


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I am not confident at all in fixing it on my own. But when there's no other option I might have to try.

Does NorthRidgeFix accept mail in from South East Asia ? I can't seem to find the information on their website.

Also I have no idea how to open the headset up and so on if I were to do it on my own.

- de


If your in south east Asia you might not much choice unfortunately

Its not too hard though

I can help you step if you want:-)

- de

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