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Designed to replace incandescent bulbs. More efficient, higher initial cost.

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Tips on replacing a 60W lightbulb?

I have a really old lamp, and I want to put an energy efficient bulb in it. I can't seem to find 60W compact fluorescent bulbs anywhere though. Do they exist? Are there certain types of lamps that I shouldn't use compact fluorescent bulbs on?

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Because compact fluorescent bulbs use less electricity, the wattage ratings are different. a 60w replacement usually are 11-15 Watts!

The cool thing is that because of the difference, you can get say a 100 Watt CF Bulb and it will only use 24 Watts - but provide more light than a standard 60!

You shouldn't use compact fluorescent bulbs with dimmer switches, unless the bulb is specifically marketed as compatible. Also, beware of the old lamps where the shade actually rested on the bulb..

Most will actually list actual wattage and what it replaces.

Assuming you are in the US, a 13W bulb replaces a 60W standard bulb.

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Cool! Thanks for the info.

- de

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You don't want to put these in a light that is often turned on/off as they won't last.

These lamps are supposed to last for five (5) or six (6) years but only if they are put in units that are always left on or seldom turned on - otherwise their life is shorter than an incandescent bulb.

Since their cost is considerably more, and they are not environmentally friendly, IMnsHO someone lobbied heavliy to get the law passed that we'll all eventually be using these things.

There's the idea of being "Green" and then there's actually being Green.


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Machead3, you point is well taken, and is one side of an argument that continues in our house over the impact of many on/off cycles vs. leaving on a 13W CFL all day. Can you post a source with data for your claim?

Now I'm going to go looking, believing the data's out there...

- de

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If you really want to be energy efficient, you could put a LED bulb in it. The good news is they use far less power than even compact fluorescent bulbs, and last far longer. The bad news is they cost a fortune, a quick search showed $40 for a 60-watt equivalent bulb (that actually uses 7 watts). They claim a lifespan of > 50,000 hours, I'm not sure if that's true, but if it is that's about 10 times better than a compact fluorescent and 50 times better than an incandescent bulb.

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A 60-watt'd be like a mini-sun [just a metaphor, the sun is too huge to be compared to a CFL]..

But if you meant is an equivalent of a 60-watt incandescent lamp, you need to know that CFLs are quite power efficient, and probably a 15W-20W CFL will be enough to do the job of a 60-wall incandescent light bulb.

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Be mindful of how quickly you need full illumination as most CFLs take a little while to brighten fully. At the top of stairs or anywhere you need to look for things may not be a great place for a CFL, unless it's always on.

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