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Cortadora con hoja en forma de T hecho por Andis.

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Why is Trimmer still snagging after adjusting tension

Recently dropped my trimmer, replaced broken blades, adjusted tension coz it was not cutting well, but doesnt seem to have helped, what else do i need to do?

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What do you mean not cutting well? How are you using them?

Are you "inverting them" and using the blade at a 90 (ish) degree angle to the skin, or, putting the plate against the skin?

"tuning up" a blade by closing the gap will in some cases increase closeness, but introduces a major risk of injury if you aren't careful and know exactly what you're doing.

Make sure you libricate the blade. 2 drops on the moving blade area, and 1 on the heel of the blade, before every use. Also not a bad idea to gives a spray with some andis cool lube spray to disinfect.

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