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Acer Predator Helios 300, lanzado en 2018, identificable por varios números de modelo. La mayoría de las guías deberían aplicarse a todos los modelos.

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Acer Laptop Keyboard Issue

Hello, I’ve some problems with my keyboard.

I have a Acer laptop that I purchased a couple of years ago and it does not store the L, K & spacebar keys while writing on documents.

I’ve to press those keys several times for it to work. I am a little bit confused, is it a mechanical problem? Or a software issue? Should I need to replace my keyboard? I am unable to fix the issue.

Any help should be appreciated.

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This might be the issue because of carbon or short-circuit in the keyboard. Thats why the some keys were not working. If this is due to carbon, then you can open the keyboard and clean it with dry cloth and most probably it will start working again.

To do so, find all the defective keys first from and then plug them out. After that take some alcohol (don't use water) to clean it.

It will help you to fix your keyboard. if this don't work then it might be the issue from motherboard circuit. Then you need to repair it or maybe need to buy a new one.

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those keyboards are capacitive or resistive keys. For resistive, you push a carbon pad down on top of two pcb traces. The click is generated by the mechanism and not by the switch. That is silent. Desktop keyboards are much larger and can usually be taken apart to clean surfaces and revive the switch function. Laptop keyboards MIGHT be fixable. New keyboards are relatively inexpensive.

I would research a source for a new one, then attempt to disassemble and clean the old one. If it doesn't work, order the new one.

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Should i need to change the PCB traces then? Is they available in the market?

- de

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Hi @shreyamathur651

Thinking to replace the PCB traces that were placed on the motherboard of the keyboard. Tried keyboard tester tool as well and found that some keys were not registering.

It might be some issue with my keyboard only. Thanks for your help.

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