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La Nikon Coolpix AW130 es una cámara de apuntar y disparar lanzada por Nikon en 2015.

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Flash Not Working Properly

I've got a few of these cameras that we use for business. Over time it seems that the flash keeps failing on them. On the ones that work, I have a few options for the flash setting, on the ones that are bad it only gives me the auto and off options for flash and there's a little flash symbol with a cross through it on the upper left side.

After doing some research I attempted to replace the photo-flash capacitor but that didn't fix anything.

I'm a repair tech but I've never dealt with camera flash before and I'm not 100% on how it works. Does anyone have any idea on how I can fix this?

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Just confirming that you replaced the photo flash capacitor with one of the same capacitance (µF) and voltage

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@andrewsawesome I didn't.. I couldn't find one that matched. The camera brings a 300v 100uf cap, I installed a 330v 100uf cap.

From what I understand, as long as it meets the minimum it should be okay, correct?

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Yes, as long as V is at least what the old one is you are good to go.

However, for some applications, things like ESR must be considered.

I don't have any info about that and flash capacitors.

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The voltage on any cap will only go as high as the input voltage and current

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These flashes work using basically a switching power supply to generate a high voltage to charge the flash capacitor.

The flash trip signal then dumps the cap charge into the flash tube via an SCR.

On some of them you can actually hear the oscillator if you listen carefully.

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