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Kodak PixPro AZ251 es una cámara digital de 16 megapíxeles de Kodak lanzada en 2013. Tiene un zoom óptico de 25x y estabilización óptica de imagen (OIS).

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Camera won’t turn on even with new batteries

My camera is not really a PIXPRO AZ251 but an AZ401. When I got the camera it had dead batteries, I easily verified this with another battery camera that I have. I bought new batteries but it still wouldn’t turn on, I checked if maybe the batteries were put in incorrectly but they weren’t . I tested the new batteries on the other camera that I had it and they worked. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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I had similar issue (Olympus camera) and after all it was power button issue. I just take it to the part and clean the power button contacts and everything was OK.

This is happen because the button is situated on the top and even small leak or sweat can get in.

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try to clean up the power button and check the connecter to the battery, if a pin is bent then try to unbend it and if it's just broken off...

well you need to buy a new connecter at that point

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