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Procesador G3 modelo M6497 o A1005 / 500, 600, 700, 800 o 900 MHz

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How to get pass a Debian login and password to factory reset

I purchased a iBook G3 when booted up has a Debian login and password that I don’t have how do I get past it and reset laptop to factory

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Would you rather have MacOS or a GNU/Linux distribution on the laptop? You could also potentially do a dual boot.

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Other than getting the original grey CD/DVD's the system came with (shipped with Mac OS-9.2.1), you could try to find the original retail version of the OS-9 this system supported that's the easies way. This system also supports Tiger (OS-X 10.4.11) as well.

Using the CD/DVD to boot up with you can then reformat the drive to a Mac compatible OS (OS-9/OS-X) making sure the drive is formatted with GUID and setup with HFS+ (Journaled File system)

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