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Guías para la versión celular (LTE) del iPad mini 5, modelo A2126. Lanzado en marzo de 2019, el iPad mini 5 es el sucesor del iPad mini 4.

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This Guide is not a Guide

How is this a repair guide? This is just a technical spec list.

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Mmm you are absolutely correct. There are no guides written for this model. what you are seeing are just the general specs for this device. Not every device has a guide on here. This is where normal users like you and I come in. We create those and post them on here. Let's say you start working on yours, it would then be a great idea for you to create a guide so that the next person that runs into issues with their iPad, would have the help they needed based on your guide.

What are the issues with your iPad? Just because there is no guide does not mean you can't get help to work on it.

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