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Información de reparación y desmontaje para el iPhone SE de segunda generación, anunciado y lanzado en abril de 2020.

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Dropped phone in the bathtub now Touch ID works but not home button

Yeah so I dropped my phone in the bathtub by accident and when I found it after like a few seconds of looking I sucked the water out of it the best I could and I realized the only problem I have is pressing the home button.The Touch ID works but I can’t press down the home button.I don’t want to take this phone apart nor do I really want to go somewhere where they would break my phone like others did to my other things.{my iPad home button was broken and they pushed it in and broke it}if I don’t get an appropriate answer do I have to replace my phone???

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You take it apart.

Not wanting to take it apart actually breaks it further. Water damage needs to be fixed fast or the water flows around and the corrosion sets in.

Oh and don't bother trying rice, the rice method is totally bull s h i t.

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Ok but my phone is working normally like no glitches or anything.Do you think I’d be able to roll with it for a little while until I replace it??

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I should also say I saw another post about compressed air.That wouldn’t work either?

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@ruberte No, take it apart as soon as possible. Working normally for now has nothing to do with what will happen in the future.

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@ruberte For a supposedly water resistant phone, it is difficult to get the water out if it does happen. Compressed air does nothing.

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As stated by Tom Chai, not opening is the same as you needing to buy a new phone. The SE2020 is a very simple phone to work on, and doesn’t really require much.

Simple displacement of water with isopropyl alcohol, and then drying with very! low heat for a good while, has saved many phones. (But… It’s not a full on water damage repair!)

Rice is hogwash! Does absolutely nothing! Silica gel would at least do something, as it’s sole purpose is to remove moisture. But who kreps loads of those silica gel packs you get in stuff??

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