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Lanzada en abril de 2016, esta versión del Samsung Galaxy J7 tiene el número de modelo J710.

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How to increase volume of my hanset

How to increase volume of j 7 16 internally

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this would be a huge shot in the dark as your question lacks a lot of detail, but i think i know what you are asking:

if the symptoms are :cant hear calls when using phone against ear, but can hear calls on speaker phone

Take an old (or new toothbrush) and some rubbing alcohol or methalyted spirits, wet the toothbrush with the spirits and brush over the earpeice grill to remove gunk and debris that collects in the grill. dry with a tissue or cloth.

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I'm not really sure how, you might be able to search for compatible and higher quality speakers for your phone other than that I don't think you can do anything if you think the phone's volume has decreased since you first got it then cleaning the speaker might help out or just replacing it entirely

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