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La Acer Aspire 5 (Nombre del modelo: A515-51G-56V1) es una computadora portátil fabricada por Acer Inc que se ejecuta en Windows 10. Lanzada en 2018.

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Why is my screen flickering after changing it?

I changed my screen recently and since then the screen goes on and off randomly. I seems to be a bit better when I press it. If I plug back the previous broken screen it doesn't flicker at all. I updated the drivers. I going crazy, do you have any idea ? Thanks

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That's signs of bad connection between the screen and the motherboard. If cable from new screen isn't working properly, you can detach it on the back side of the screen and the motherboard and plug same cable, but from old screen. Connector on screen should look like this, in attached image. This cable should be detached and plugged in carefully, cause it's can broke easily

Block Image

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Thanks Alex for your answer!

I'll give it a try but I have to find another cable as the new screen didn't come with a new cable.

Also, I tried a different new screen and it flickers as well. However, when I plug back the old screen with the same cable it doesn't flicker. Weird.

Thanks for your help.

- de

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