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The HTC U Ultra is also known as the HTC Ocean Note and was released in February 2017. HTC U Ultra includes models U Ultra, U-1u, and 2PZF1 and was released in black, pink, white, and blue body colors.

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Why is my phone not turning on

My phone turned off suddenely now not turning on.Tell me how to fix it?

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Press and hold the POWER and VOLUME DOWN until your phone vibrates, and then release the buttons. Tip: You may need to press and hold the buttons for 12 to 15 seconds before the phone vibrates.

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ya hes is right i forget sometime these thing scatterbrain me

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take out the battery and put it back it if that doesn't work test the battery and if it not the battery it's the phone itself so take it to a repair shop if it doesn't work or a battery shop for a new phone battery

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