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Which other iPhones have rear-facing cameras compatible with iPhone 8?

I need to replace the rear-facing camera on my iPhone 8. If other iPhones have the same model of rear-facing camera, my options for finding an appropriate camera at a good price should increase. I am hoping to find a table that sets out which parts are compatible across some or all of the iPhone range. Apple's recently announced Right to Repair should, as a matter of principle, make such information available. The publicly-accessible support page Self-service repair references only iPhone models iPhone 12 and newer.

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Thank you! It is helpful to know that what I am looking for can't be found in any comprehensive way!

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@grantliddell "The good parts first: iPhone SE’s cameras, SIM tray, Taptic Engine, and display assembly (including the microphone and proximity sensor) are all swappable with iPhone 8 parts" is pretty much the only info about cross compatibility on this model. I wish somebody, somewhere would have created that list...but some really good efforts are listed on here It may not have everything but definitely a great start.

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I kind of feel like on a parts replacement level, as a rule, its almost better to assume that parts from one model are not compatible with the next, with the exceptions just being that. I would say the only times there is compatibility, is backwards compatibility of an SE model and with (some) parts from the model where it got its form factor from (SE 2016 with 5s, SE 2020 and less so SE 2022 with 8), or max and non max models having the same rear camera module (Xs with XsM, 11P with 11PM), a pattern which didnt hold with plus and non plus models before, and doesnt hold with the 12 series models after. The only other exception I can think of is that the 7/8 and 7+/8+ have the same earspeaker (but not the same proximity flex!). Oh, and that the 11 and Xr have the same loudspeaker. And according to here iPhone 7 screen on iPhone 8? iPhone 7/8 and 7+/8+ displays will connect to and work with each other even if they have different clip styles? Does that count?

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