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Guías de reparación y soporte para Chromebooks fabricados por Samsung.

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Why is my chrome powering on but turn right off

my chrome book when you plug it in it turns on and black out what can that be

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Can you give better information? Many things might cause this, bad battery, hardware, software... please describe exactly what it does and anything you have already tried. Can't give good answer without more information. The first thing to check is your battery, is it dead? Is it charging? If not check all connection's aren't loose, is there power at the outlet you are using? Did you follow the troubleshooting guide in your manual? Your model device would also be helpful in helping you find answers. You can start by following the instructions here on troubleshooting a Samsung Chromebooks. If that doesn't fix things for you, return here and give more information; tell us what you already tried,. Ok?

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