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Lanzada en noviembre de 2020, la MacBook Pro de 13" cuenta con el SoC M1 basado en Arm de Apple con una CPU de 8 núcleos y una GPU de 8 núcleos. (Modelo A2338/EMC 3578 con dos puertos Thunderbolt 3)

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Right speaker audio comes out through the left speaker

I noticed that my right speakers weren't working so I went to sound in system preference and then balanced my speaker all the way to the right but I was getting audio output from my left speaker which is weird.

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What happens when you bias it the other way?

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@danj the audio comes out through the left speaker

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@Olasubomi Odekunle - The point was the 'Other' side biasing it that side. So you are saying no matter which way you bias it the sound always comes out the Left only?

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@danj yes it always comes out from the left speaker

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Very weird for sure! Did you get your system wet?

Sadly, this sounds like you have a chip failure in the amp logic. I would visit Apple to see if you can get your logic board swapped out as this logic is part of the M1 SoC.

Before you go make a backup as they won't transfer your stuff over.

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No it didn't. I woke up played a YouTube video then realised my right speakers weren't working.

Thank you

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@Olasubomi Odekunle - Sorry ;-{ Time to get to Apple to get it fixed, hopefully under warranty. If they say its not covered, press for a warranty exemption as long as you don't have any visible damage or get your system wet they should fix it for free!

Don't forget to accept the answer, thanks!

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