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Dust on both display panels

When I moved, I somehow managed to get dust inside the headset and onto the display panels. I know it's not on the lens, because moving the IPD shifts the lenses but not the dust specs. Would replacing two (left and right) eye tube assemblies fix this issue?

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I have a similar issue including scratches and possibly pixels but i cant distinguish if its pixels or dust on the left eye and would also like to know if the tube could remedy this

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I used compressed air when I shouldn't have and ran into the same issue, I figured if you can make a strong enough wind current in-between the lens and the display you can pull out any dust, but any solution involving taking the screen off the back of the display cone wont be easy, Ive tried. The only other solution would to be to replace the display cones and maybe replace the rubber seal around the lenses to keep more dust from getting in.

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Your problem may not be dust, but my in fact be dead pixels. Regardless, both of these are common problems on the Valve Index

Dust is much less likely being that the eye's are sealed with adhesive, but it is still a possibility. Dead pixels are significantly more common on the index due to their choice in components.

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To answer your question: Yes replacing both the left and the right eye tube will fix this issue.

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