The Keurig B77 Coffee Maker is a single-cup coffee maker made by the Keurig company.

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keurig not forcing water through when cup is insterted

when cup is not in water will flow...however doesn't seem to be forced through...just kinda gravity taking effect. When cup is inserted, the water doesn't make it through at all and machine freezes up

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I had this issue as well. Ran the vinegar thru ended up having to unplug and reply to get that 2nd cup going on vinegar, then ran second vinegar, then by the 3rd water rinse it was working to stay plugged in. But when I add a cup in it, it's like just flowing thru, dripping, now only 2days after running vinegar I'm getting half very strong cups, and descale is on screen again.


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Sounds like it needs a good cleaning with vinegar, could also be some blockage in the needle. Here's the link to Keurig's cleaning instructions:

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If the needle is open then there may be blockage in the internal piping or pump unit. Blockage could be calcium scale buildup or even algae.

I removed the bottom metal plate and unscrewed the inlet port. I then blew into the inlet port and held my finger over the over flow into the water reservoir. In a short the blockage let go and flooded the counter top! But now it works as it should! Good flow.... remember to do this with the Keurig unplugged

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