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Repair guides and documentation for the Google Pixel 5a with 5G smartphone. Released in August 2021.

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Where to purchase display adhesive

Going to be repairing a device for my friend. I can't seem to locate the google pixel 5a display adhesive. Where could I purchase this? I know the display is held on with clips but I would like to add the adhesive to make sure its held on.

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Just use B-7000 (clear) or T-7000 (black) glue on the edges which hold better than any adhesive strips.

They are widely available on ebay and Amazon.

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I don't really prefer liquid adhesive. I have not used it before and would like to use it on something that if I somehow manage to break it then it won't matter. I would also like something that I can easily remove and replace if I need to.

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They both really easy to clean up. You can heat it up to soften it and wipe it clean with isopropyl alcohol

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