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Unable to boot past apple logo

over the last few months my iMac G5 17 inch 1.8 GHz has an intermittent fault where it occasionally just turns itself off.

After successfully performing an erase and install of the new OS it now won't get past the apple logo screen at startup!

I've been told that this may be a fault with the hard drive but not sure?

Any ideas where to start first?

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You might want to attempt a PMU reset. Turn the computer off, then hold the power button for 10 Seconds, it will make a tone(It might not if the volume is muted). then you can turn it on. Also, you can reset the PRAM. Do this by turning the computer on, then immediately holding "Command[Apple]"+"Option"+"P"+"R" until it has chimed 3 times. You mentioned that it would randomly turn off, if this doesn't fix the problem, then your iMac may be suffering from bad capacitors, this plagued many iMac G5's and requires replacing about 25 capacitors on the logic board, or the logic board itself, depending on how repair-savy you are. This is a degenerative problem that starts with random shutdowns, screen distortion, and not starting up, and progress to not powering up at all.

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Yeah that sounds like a good first step actually.

- de

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You can try doing several things, booting from the install disk or an external HD to check if it's the hard drive. Running the Apple Hardware Test to see if it turns anything up, and removing and reseating extended RAM.

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What is the option button

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