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Samsung Galaxy A02s, released in January of 2021

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Why is my screen tapping by its self

My screen would Tapp different things by its self and I would like to know how go stop it

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The reason why is there is a screen defect called ghost touch and the only way to fix it is


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where can I get a screen and how do I tack off the screen

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If you have a screen protector with dust on the sticky side of the screen protector then put on another screen protector and try not to get dust under the screen protector because I had the same problem with dust under the protecter and I put on a new screen protector on it and that fixed the problem with the screen touching by its self.

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Nope. No screen protector. Even took it out of its case. I finally got rid of it. It was possessed. Seriously. Not joking. It used to text random contacts, but it never hit SEND. And then one day it did. It was never actual words, just letters and numbers and sometimes in caps. But the day it hit SEND... yea, i was done with it.

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This is the same person but on a different account because I cant get that account on this phone but now I have the same problem and I also have the same problem with no screen protector on my phone

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My phone taps unexpectedly and it does continuously, but If I turn if off and back on, it gets better

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