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GT70 Motherboard component missing

Hi, I have MSI GT70 laptop, charging port broke off and knocked one component with it. I would appreciate if someone knows what this part is and where I could order it(EU shipped)? Cheers :)

Block Image

Update (04/26/2022)

@oldturkey03 Hey! I finally got to the motherboard. It's MS-17621 Ver. 1.0

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@nonowitz just from the reference designator we know it is a inductor. To narrow it down you would need to give us more information about the motherboard. We need to know the exact model off it and try to see if there are schematics for it. If not, then you will need a multimeter that can measure inductance and measure the components on the left and right to the missing one. Those are inductors as well as most likely the same values.

Update (04/26/2022)

@nonowitz PL1, PL2 and PL3 are identical. those are 80Ω @ 100MHz 3A Ferrite Beads in a 0805 package. check on here for replacement

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Thanks Oldturkey03! I'm not able to check the motherboard now, I'll come back here in a few days with more info :)

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