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Guías de reparación para el Magic Trackpad. Lanzado en 2010.

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The pointer only moves vertically.

To be more precise there's only a narrow vertical band of the trackpad responding. Touching outside of this, central, band has no effect on the pointer.

I tried connecting it to another MacBook but with the same result. I’ve also tried to remove batteries and replace them with new ones and also to completely disconnect it but nothing.

The same thing happened a month ago, that time changing batteries solved the problem.

Do you have any idea?

Thank you!

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The sensor plate has become damaged. Did you drop it or sit something on it that could have damaged it?

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No, indeed I left it on my desk for one week during the holidays and when I came back it wasn't working.

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@nikdef - Other than trying a fresh set of batteries they just isn't anything that you can fix (the Magic Trackpad2 has a sealed in battery).

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It's just weird that it is sensible only in that narrow band. Thank you anyway.

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@nikdef - Maybe the battery failed and pressed against the panel from the back side damaging it. Time for a new one.

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